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Sotheby's Rekord-CryptoPunk-Auktion bringt viele neue Bieter
Das New Yorker Auktionshaus Sotheby's hat einen weiteren Beweis dafür, dass sein Vorstoß in den Bereich der nicht-fungiblen Token (NFTs) eine neue Welle von Kunden anzieht.

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Simon Chandler
@Brian Armstrong • Jun 13
Another great talk from @balajis (from 2019), ahead of its time

#IOTA kooperiert mit KI-Projekt

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Simon Chandler
@CoinDesk • Jun 12
"The system that comes out with the best crypto-economics is going to be the No. 1 asset – and that's ether,"…

Simon Chandler
@฿TF%$Brrrrrr! • Jun 12
Every green and red candle within this range is a visual representation of market sentiment flip flopping bull/bear…

Simon Chandler
@TomMunich • Jun 11 #cfd #ea #eaexperts #expertadvisor #forex #fx #happytrading #tommunich #trading

Simon Chandler
@Linda Xie • Jun 11
Feature requests for @SnapshotLabs: 1) subscribe to email notifications on new DAO proposals 2) ranked voting (look…

New York lehnt vorübergehendes Mining-Verbot ab