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Die Europäer warnen die EZB davor, sich mit dem Datenschutz im digitalen Euro anzulegen
Über 40 % der Europäer, die an einer kürzlich durchgeführten Umfrage teilgenommen haben, wollen eine …

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Simon Chandler
@CoinDesk • Jan 15
NEW: “India’s MakerDAO” has launched a #DeFi “valuecoin” designed to maintain its purchasing power over time.…

Simon Chandler
@Gavin Andresen • Jan 15
I’m feeling cynical today: Gosh, you mean public health authorities decided the science says everybody in health c…

Simon Chandler
@CryptoCurrency • Jan 15
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Simon Chandler
@TomMunich • Jan 15
Bought EURCHF 1.07662

Simon Chandler
@฿TF%$Brrrrrr! • Jan 15
Pre-coffee mood...

"If cash was invented now, it would be banned." (source unknown) ... #Bitcoin is digital cash, a store of value…

Simon Chandler
@Linda Xie • Jan 15
Came across this Coinbase team photo from 2014 (missing a few folks). What a great crew and really amazing how far…

Simon Chandler
@Brian Armstrong • Jan 14
I also hope the next administration will hit the reset button on this and engage more thoughtfully with industry.…