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Die ersten drei Epochen von Bitcoin

In diesem Video interviewt die Redakteurin und Journalistin Christie Bitcoin den Bitcoin-Pädagogen und Unternehmer Andreas M. Antonopoulos. Sie diskutieren über die drei Epochen von Bitcoin: Geschichte und Frühzeit, wichtige historische Ereignisse und was als nächstes kommt.


0:00 Video Begins
2:05 The Obscure Era (2009-2012) characterized by a small community, meetups were just starting to be organized around the world.
3:18 Striking technology markers: P2SH, pay-to-script-hash; multisig.
5:08 Why were these technologies important? What about them made bitcoin more usable?
5:27 How expanding primitive building blocks in bitcoin expand creativity, allowing 2nd layers (like colored coin, mastercoin / omni).
9:03 The Experiment, Build, and Break Era (2012-2016)
10:00 Quick Riches, Mt. Gox., and the Silk Road.
13:45 Boom and Bust Cycles, clearing out opportunists and allowing focused work.
16:00 The Boom and Bust Era (2016-2020) new financial products and institutional interest
16:38 Second Alt-Coin and ICO Season.
17:50 Every Shark in a Suit...
19:20 More Productivity, LN, Mastering Ethereum, The Internet of Money.
19:58 Prediction for What's Happening Next.
21:05 Tech Upgrades, Maturation of the Lightning Network.
24:44 Milestones
25:30 Tick Tock, New Block